The Pleasure of Waking up to Espresso in Bed

Fresh Espresso on the Nightstand

By Jeffrey Noedel

I might be dreaming about bills I have to pay, or being bullied on the grade school playground 50 years ago. Or my brain might be in that tension between “Let’s keep sleeping and dreaming” versus “We gotta’ wake up and report to work on time.”

But this tired battle instantly ceases when my ears detect the welcome sound of fresh espresso beans are being ground in the burr grinder. And the buzzing whirr of the burrs means in less than a minute, my nose will draw-in the aroma of the oils released from the kitchen, throughout the entire household.

The person I love crawled out of bed to awaken me with a homemade latte.  So much better than an assault by the alarm clock.  The kindness of it all!

There’s no way I am going back to sleep now.  Wait…wait for it.  There it is: the sound of the steam wand heating-up my almond milk.  It’s close!

Moments later, placed on my nightstand, steam rises from the latte in a cup (an actual porcelain cup!) with a saucer and a tiny spoon.  And groggy 4:00 a.m. smiles are exchanged.

Good morning, indeed!

Whether you are the recipient of such a daily gift, or the giver, maybe it’s time to look into buying a new home espresso machine.  Today’s machines are better than ever, and increasingly automated.  Add to that the joy of shopping for the best beans.

All of it done in love.

The gift of a homemade latte, mocha, or cappuccino can be the first great thing to happen in a long, stressful day.

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